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Green Succulent Plant

Connects cactus with other cactus


Introversion is an issue that has been little studied in Turkey. Especially in work life. I can't help thinking that if I had come across work, website, or information on this subject in my early twenties, I would have been happier at thirty.

According to statistics, one out of every three people has an introverted character. The requirements of the global world and what is imposed on us cause us to internalize the leadership and rules of extroverts. For this reason, many introverted women turn to unwanted professions and feel unsuccessful and inadequate.


The Cactus Project has been designed by two introverted women who have been mistreated by the extrovert-centered rules of the business world, in order to bring the topic up for discussion in society, especially among women. It is called the Cactus Project because the cactus is not the plant that gets the most attention in a garden. It does not care about being beautiful or being the one that shines. To be an introvert means to sometimes feel like a cactus. It means to sometimes be composed, alone, but full of life. It means knowing that the spikes do not take away from one’s beauty. It is being able to sustain oneself with just a little water and plenty of sunlight, to not be as thirsty for attention and conversation as other plants can be. It is being able to blossom despite the spikes when one simply wills it.


Our goal is to open up the issue of being introverted, which is treated as absent in daily life and work life, to the discussion in society and especially among women. We hope that women who reach our website will understand/discover that being introverted does not prevent success in life, and on the contrary, introverts are creative, entrepreneurial, empathetic, enjoyable, and efficient to work with. This discovery will also be instrumental in shaking the molds of male-dominated business life and breaking prejudices.

First, one woman is not afraid to hide that she is introverted, then another begins to be proud of it, one at two, then ten, then we become thousands.

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